Ouranoupoli is the last doorstep to Athos. It is the last frontier in which pilgrims arrive wishing to enter Mount Athos. Daily the small port under the shadow of the Tower fills up with boats, on which the pilgrims board (since they are provided the related license), so as to reach the port of Mount Athos, Daphne.

Ouranoupoli took its name by the Alexandrian city founded in 315 b.C by Alexarhos, son of Antipatros and brother of Kassandros.During the 100century the first monasteries are being founded on the peninsula of Athos. One of them is “Moni Zigou” or “Fragkokastro”, located close to Ouranoupoli, where St Athanasios the Athonite lead an ascetic life for a year. He founded the Monastery of Megisti Lavra. The ancient monastery is still under excavation, during which lots of important findings are being revealed, and possesses the unique privilege to be the unique monastery outside the borders of Mount Athos- consequently also visitable from women too. 

At the beginning of 14th century the Monastery Vatopedi builds the Tower which imposes at the S.W part of the village, having as aim to protect the metohi (church porperty), being until nowadays the most well preserved tower in Halkidiki. In 19th century an earthquake destroyed its last floor, then repaired and takes its last shape.
Ouranoupoli is being considered to be one of the most important resorts of Northern Halkidiki. It offers lots or restaurants and hotels, for good dining and comfort stay. During summer cruises follow the coastline of the western side of Athos, giving the chance to visitors to see, even from a distance the imposing Byzantine monasteries.