Mount Athos

Mount Athos is autonomous and self- governed state of Greek country. It extends on approximately the whole the eastern peninsula from three peninsulas of Halkidiki, with length 40km, width 8-12km, and 332,5 square kilometers extension. At the center of the peninsula of Mount Athos is being extended a mountain volume which reaches the peak of Mt Athos with 2.033m. The borders of the monastic state are being defined on the land starting from the location Fragkokastro on the western coast and reaches to Cape Arapis to the across coast, aside the Mountain Megali Vigla.

Visiting Mount Athos, according to the "Tipikon" of the Monastic state is being allowed only to men. To women is not allowed even the approach of its coasts. Greeks pilgrims should have with them their ID card and the Visas (diamonitirio), which are being provided from Pilgrims Office to Ouranoupoli.

Tel & Fax for Visa (Diamonitirio): Τel: +30 2310252575 FAX: +30 2310222424. A request for visa must be done the earliest the possible, since the number of visas issued from the Pilgrims Office to Thessaloniki is restricted. The Monasteries can issue special visas for special guests, additionally to the number of general visas.

A pilgrim reaches Mount Athos starting from Thessaloniki by car, arriving to Ierissos or Nea Roda or Ouranoupoli Halkidiki via Arnaia. The route is with good traffic conditions and abstains 143km (from Thessaloniki). From Ierissos and Nea Roda the pilgrim continues with small boat. The journey until the port of Iviron lasts approximately 4 hours. From there, he continues to the capital, Karies, by bus in half of an hour. If the pilgrim goes via Ouranoupoli, then from there he reaches the sport of Daphne, also by boat in 2 hours. From Daphne by bus he reaches Karies in half of an hour.